reason i cant inject(fina) help please

  1. reason i cant inject(fina) help please

    ok Im really looking into doing a fina cycle soon.. here's my problem.. right now Im in the Air Force and Im a flying crew chief... which means generally once a week or once every month I have to fly around with the planes i work on.. now i never know when Im leaving.. but it usually is only for like a day but sometimes upto a week.. now my problem is  I dont wanna start an injection cycle then have to go on a 3 day trip.. A lot of the places we fly to are overseas and when we return we go through customs.. So if i had needles in my bags id get in big trouble.. but if i had a lotion or some pills its no biggie.. since i bring multivitamins and my anarchy stack with me anyway i could just hide the pills among them.. so anyway I been checking up a lot of trans and oral fina.. now i found it kinda interesting over at bigcats profile on tren he states oral bio is higher than trans with tren.. also considering its a 17a like dbol id think maybe that would help with the oral and the ether as well.. also ive read quite a few people had great results with oral dosage of like 240mg a day i think..  besides after these 1-test/ 4ad cycles im getting kinda sick of rubbing this stuff in everyday.. especially for a 6-8 week cycle.. i dont know what are your guy's thoughts?

  2. It would be better as a transdermal.. I think the recipe is on site for making it into a transdermal..

  3. yep transdermal and fina is NOT 17AA so it is badly mauled on passage through the liver

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