Andro-Poppers Waste?

  1. Andro-Poppers Waste?

    Hey guys I would never waste my money on Andro-poppers since I consider them ****, I've used transderm PH's and am currently on a EQ/Test cycle but my little bro was down in the U.S. doing some construction work and came back with a bottle of the **** and asked me my opinion.

    To be honest I was stumped, I know it's **** compared to what I'm using but he's nearing 20 and has wicked natural genetics, throws on the weight fast and pretty lean.

    He just wants like 5lbs extra for Rugby this season in September. His training is down pat and his diet is great also, (I've made sure those have been great for the past couple years) thing is he hasn't hit a plateau and is still growing.

    Should he even bother using the poppers? Will he gain anything or will it just **** with his natty test production? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I told him I won't get him any real gear or transderm PH untill he's at least 21 so he's stuck with this or nothing, I'm leaning towards telling him to just sell it to one of his buddies.

  2. here's my two cents...

    If he's 20, has "wicked natural genetics", and has not hit a plateau, I wouldn't let him touch 'em.

    Pinnacle products are under-dosed crap, so he probably won't do any harm, but my concern would be that he may give credit for his natural gains to taking this product and next time he may want to go with something "better".

    If he's making great gains, I would steer him away from all PH/PS, etc. I would tell him to take an advanced protien supp (VP2 is good, just because they make lots of claims on the container), or some other useful but harmless product and tell him it's every bit as powerful as the poppers. If you sell him on it, it would probably be enough to give him the psychological edge that he would get from taking the poppers.

  3. they should call those things "rage tabs" i still have a bottle at the house. they made me frustrated as hell at work. i was about to run out onto the freeway into traffic. probably all the sides with no growth! ha!?

  4. BUMP that...I took those before......
    I had the same reaction, it just made me want to rip somebody's head off...sometimes it made for a great workout but didn't help in the way of the gains dept.

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