Is this correct?

  1. Is this correct?

    The vials on this page are pre-made injectable 1-test, correct? Nothing else to do after I buy the vial? Is it the same with the 4AD?****4

  2. Yes indeed - you are correct sir. Burn free and ready to go.

  3. OK good... but I need some more help. What's the 1-test/4AD ratio? Or in other words how do I know how much 4AD to inject? Also, if I were to do 600mg of 1-test a week, should I inject weekly or split it into two doses a week?

  4. 2 doses per week, people were seeing best results with 1+gram dosages of 4ad I would run
    Wk 1 1000 mg 1-test 1500 mg 4ad
    wk2-? 600 1test 1000 4ad

    This gives you a frontload and gets your blood levels up faster. Or you could kick it off with an oral like 1/4 andro or 1 ad for the first 4 weeks.

    This is just an idea I have been kicking around in my head. Id try it myself but I actually have aclinical phobia of needles( I kicked a doctor in the face once)

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