T-1 Final dosing question

  1. T-1 Final dosing question

    I just got 4 bottles of the new T-1 Final I had hoped that I could get two 6-week cycles out of it. I am not sure how much I really need to use, with the higher absoption formula. I haven't really seen any info on how much transdermal vs. how much oral, etc. I appeciate any advice.

    I have done two 1-AD/4-AD cycles. My last was 600mg 1-AD/ 900mg oral 4-AD for 6 weeks. I got solid gains, but want to move up to transdermals. I am looking for what T-1 final dose will equal or slightly exceed that oral dose.

    I know I could just experiment at first & increase, but I'd rather start with an effective dose & run it all 6 weeks. I have seen the dosing listed for T-1 Pro, and I want to know what the "heavy" dosage rating would be for T-1 Final.

    I am not sure if 2 squirts twice a day will be enough. I can always get 2 extra bottles, or just add a few grams 1-test to the bottles I have.

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    Dosing for the T-1 Final range from 2 to 4 squirts a day just like the T-1 Pro. Each application(squirt)= 42mg of 1-Test and 4AD. To acheive two 6 week cycles, 3 squirts a day would be the dosing. Three applications a day would equal 350mg a week of both 1-Test and 4AD. Remember 1AD only coverts at approximately a 16% range, so although the mg for mg ratio's are different, the coversion for the transdermals is much higher.

    Power Nutrition

  3. That's what I needed. Thanx

    By the way, I bought the T-1 from you guys. I ordered it at 2:30pm & it was at my door at 9am the next day. Best service I've ever had, and I get everything online.

  4. Yeh I had only a few days to wait before I got mine and I ordered it the first day they put it back on the shelf...I was expecting like 2 weeks.

    Awsome jobs guys

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