Slin question

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    Slin question

    I really dont have any concers about immediate use of slin...I was given some a long time ago and used it alone and had good gains...better than any ph cycle ive done. Id like to use it again along with test prop but my one and only concern is long term shut down of the pancreas. Ive always read that it could shut natty production down but the readings always sound like its just a thought, or an assumption...not a fact. I have yet to find anything about anyone becoming diabetic from using slin to build muscle. Are there any documented cases out there? Anyone know anyone that this happened to? Im not going to us it long term ( no more than 4 weeks eod)....and Id like to keep it that way, if you know what i mean.

  2. I know a guy who trained at a very popular gym here in NJ that is now diabetic from staying on slin too long. The guy was an up and coming national level guy a few years back but then vanisehed off the scene because he became diabetic.

  3. slin

    NE1 slin if abused im sure will produce unwanted body reactions, but if not used for an extensively long period "I don not believe" you will become a diabetic, i neither can find one documented case of this happening with sane usage, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off will be just fine bro, i have no evidence to believe otherwise.
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    If I do add slin it will most likely be 3 weeks on 3weeks off 3weeks on again along with test so im only looking at 12shots max in a three week periond...that doesnt seem like much.

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