spring/summer cycle help

  1. spring/summer cycle help

    Im planning on running a spring/summer cycle, around april or may, but maybe later, still trying to get things all planned out. here's what im thinking:

    weeks 1-12 maybe 14: 650mg/week sustaplex 325
    weeks1-2 600mg/week Equipoise
    weeks 2-12 maybe 14 300mg Equipoise

    I have pct all worked out, thats no problem. This will be my second "real" cycle. my first one i ran was weeks 1-5 500mg sust 250, weeks 5-10 test e 500mg/week, and kick started it with 20mg/day, weeks 1-4. had great gains with it. any suggestions would be great. diet and training is all good to go! Thanks!

  2. any suggestions? anyone? my stats are 23yo, 5'6" about 170lbs, ~10%bf. Looking to gain as much LBM as possible while eating as clean as possible with a cheat meal every other sunday. been lifting hard and consistant for 7 years now. any suggestions or help or ideas on this cycle?

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