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    Next Cycle

    Well, its almost two weeks post cycle and Im starting to scour the net for my next cycle. Ive dont three...two T1 and then a 4ad at about 900mg a day for four weeks.

    Im currently 182-183lbs 5'11", low bf..around 7% (im guessing as you can easily see my ribs from the sides and back)

    Anyway, I cant decide, money will be a bit of on issue. But what im considering is:
    1)Possibly Nordial--havent tried it before
    2)Hydroxy test + something else--Fina?
    3)Lots of 1Test-like a Gram a day + 4ad +ephedra (lethargy whooped my ass last time)--$6/gram x 35 days=$210
    5)Sustanon--I can afford 12amps @ the price i found but getting it is the question?
    6)One of the above + Slin--I know I know...but I've used it before with good/safe results--actually loved the stuff

    Im looking for solid gains this time around... no more puffy face shiat. Most likely will be a 5 week cycle. I tend to respond to higher doses (, tylenol, etc). Pins or lotions doesnt matter...Ive never used anything but slin ya know...and Im not making my own inj either...too scared for that.

  2. I'd do the fina + 4AD.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

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    i have been considering 4-8g fina +4ad since my last 4ad cycle...i just dont want to go throught all the samponifiying stuff...Im lazy.

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