Now i just got my hands on 2 vials of winstrol and i have used other steroids before but this is going to be my first injection experience... im not sure wheather to inject at 25 or 50 mg/ml and i also dont kno wheather i should do it everyday or everyotherday... i've been doing a lot of reasearch but i get different views everywhere i look... also i heard running it with testosterone would be good since winstrol doesnt turn to estrogen and actually reduces it... i have m1t on hand but i also have the original halodrol too... i was wondering which would be better to cycle with and how i should do that..

I'm 6 feet tall
12% bf
210 lbs

if anyone has used injectable winny and can help me with the answers to these questions id really appreciate anything you can teach me..... also idk where to inject either ... i hear their painful so you wanna rotate between the your shoulders, butt, and maybe even your calfs and outer thighs... any feedback is greatly appreciated