****ing Ouch!!

  1. ****ing Ouch!!

    As much as Im loving Dazed' 1Test ... the last few shots out of each bottle are making me sore as ****.

    Great results though! but the day after each shot, whatever area I inject into swells up and hurts. Its not unbearable .. I can still train but it takes 3 or 4 days to go away..

    The strange part is that the first half of the bottle was completely painless but as I came to the bottom... it started becoming more painful.

    My triceps feel like they have been punched repeatedly.

    LOL... nice thing is that being all swollen makes my arms look bigger... today is delt inject day... Im sort of looking forward to it and sort of dreading it...

    All my lifts are up 10 to 20% after 2 and a half weeks.

  2. Where are you injecting and how much are you using per shot?

    Let dazed know about it.

  3. Check my post on http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/s...&thread****8607
    You may want to look closely at the solution.

    I posted on Dazed's board but so far no reply.
    I'm due to inj today so I'm going to try heating and see what happens.

  4. I have only shot the 1test into the glute with 3 ml. I have never had any pain or residual soreness at all. My pin is only 1" so maybe I am not getting all the way into the muscle. Hopefully dazed can shed some light.
  5. well

    I thought about the hormone coming out of solution and it looks clear. Ill try reheating it and see if that works.

  6. I did 2 ml of 1-test in each quad today. No soreness yet. We'll see.

  7. Dazed is out of town at the momment, he was in my store the other day, he just doesn't have computer access at the momment.
  8. well.

    I switched to my second bottle yesterday and did .5 ml in each delt... no soreness.

    but if I go back to my first bottle which is nearly empty... mega sore!

    but it doesnt appear that the hormone is recrystallizing.

  9. After doing the 2 ml in each quad of the 1-test Id do have moderate soreness at each injection site. This did not even start until the 24 hour mark. the first 24 hours - nothing now at almost 48 hours I can say I definately feel it. So maybe my glute injections were not deep enough.

    I am running 2000mg of 4ad along w/ the 600 mg of 1 test for one more week. Then my plan is to switch to using 19-nor along w/ the 1-test. I am not getting as lean as I had hoped, and I think it is from water retention from 4ad. I am also using Letro


  10. ..

    Heya Turd (LOL) you are getting the same thing I did. The onset of soreness is about 24 hours for me too..

    Not sure why... maybe its recrystallizing in the muscle tissue.

    and again... its only as you start to reach the bottom of the bottle... been two days since my last shot from the fresh bottle (.5 ml in each delt) and still no soreness.

  11. Put mine in a hot water bath for around 15 minutes.
    Most of the crystals disapeared, but there were still a few small ones.


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