Test Prop Quest

  1. Test Prop Quest

    Looking for opinions here, gonna be starting my first cycle with AS and I'm just wondering what dosage do you think would be best to use. I was think maybe like 125-150mg EOD. Also has anyone ever done it every 3rd day or is it best to stay at EOD to keep levels stable? I'll also be using dbol the first 4 weeks. Let me know what ya think, Later J

  2. IMHO I would use a longer ester for my first cycle, such as Enth or Cyp. You wont have to pin as often (2x week) It will probably be easier for you to handle on a first cycle.



  3. Bone thanks for the reply but I've done a cycle of 1test cyp and 4ad cyp before so pinning is not an issue. The question's still on the table.
    later J

  4. Well since pinning is not an issue.. I would start off with about 100 mg ed or eod.. but give us some stats and goals.. that way we might be able to help more

  5. Ok, as of now I'm 220lb at 9%, 6'2". I'm 22 been working out for 6 years and have done a few Ph cycles with success. This cycle I will be bulking and I'll be taking Dbol for the first 4 or 5 weeks. Basically I'm leaning towards doing 125mg EOD. later J

  6. Well you might want to lean towards a long ester for bulking.. and maybe mix some EQ or deca in there also.. you know the basic bread and butter cycle.. run it for 10 weeks and then do your post ..

  7. MattD thanks for the suggestions I was thinking about adding EQ or maybe Boldione. J/k lol Seriously I might grab some but gotta see whats in the wallet. Later J


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