Mad Kudos To legalgear, and a OHTest Questions

  1. Mad Kudos To legalgear, and a OHTest Questions

    Just first wanted to say that Legalgear is the greatest store ever and has been great to me and would reccomend them to anyone and everyone, and have done so already, they have been so couteos to me and so very helpful.

    Ok, my question is, I am going to do the LGP Hydroxytest, but was wondering what you guys though about adding more Hydroxytest to it and how many grams I could put in there already. BTW is had 4g 1-test,6g 4-AD, and 4g Hydroxytest, and I am using it to cut while training with IA.


  2. Bro, it already has 14gr of PH, 15 gr is considered the max you should have in a 240ml solution. I wouldn't add any more.

  3. Yeah its pretty maxed out.

    Thanks for the kind words. We will continue to impress in the days to come. There is only one place you need to go for all your supplement/supply needs....

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence. We are doing our best to get you guys the best service, great prices and cool products. Carolyn in customer service (mamma) is the best. She really deserves the credit. Drop mamma a line. She is getting set up with an email [email protected] next week.

    I hear all the time "these boys are so sweet" Cracks me up!


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