supp to help get leaner while on cycle?

  1. supp to help get leaner while on cycle?

    im preparing to run my first cycle in a year or so and want to lose some fat in the process. I will be running a m-drol / p-plex
    cycle and using nolva for pct. I have run sd/phera-plex a couple times before with exellent results. i use a 3 day split in my lifting routine and run 20-30 minutes on the tredmill on off days. my diet is low carb and mainly eggs and ff cottage cheese in the am, tuna/chicken salad for lunch and steak or chicken with veggies for dinner. I would like to use a supp to help with fat loss since ive put on 20lbs of blub since settling down with a family. any suggestions

  2. Maybe try one of the cort blockers while on, and during pct if you don't want to take the stim route.

  3. I dry out really nicely when on SD. Never done PP, but I thought that was a little wetter compound.

    2g Vit.C (1g upon waking and 1g Pre WO) is pretty good at cortisol control.

    Neovar was a great supp for leaning me out/nutrient partitioning. My help when you have to up the carbs.

    Not sure about stims.

    ALCAR and 25g Yohimbine Caps seem to be working nicely right now for me as well.
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  4. I'm using DCP, Levi Reloaded, and Lean Extreme.

  5. BCAAS first thing on an empty stomach in the moring with a little HIIT.. as well as pre and post workout and right before bed.. This alone with a clean diet will trim you up.. Also worth noting, ephedrine based products which are still legal to buy and be sold in the US are still going to burn more fat, than most of the newest things out.. It will also eat some muscle, but you are going on cycle and this should not be an issue

  6. transdermal 7-oxo-dhea worked great for me ON cycle for reducing visceral fat


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