AX Phera-Plex / Superdrol bridge

  1. AX Phera-Plex / Superdrol bridge

    I have a 60 pill bottle of AX Phera-Plex and 50 pills left of AX Superdrol.

    A few months back I pulsed Superdrol with DHEA and had good results.

    I was thinking of running Phera-Plex at 10 mg a day for a week then bump to 20mg a day until bottle is gone. Then cycle Superdrol at 20mg a day until I am all out of it.

    This cycle would probably run about four weeks Phera, just over three weeks of Superdrol + post cycle therapy.

    During cycle I'd use anti-DHT shampoo....load up on milk thistle and saw palmetto.

    PCT - Tamaxofin Citrate dosed at 40ml for a little longer than a month, or until the boys feel back up and along with my last bit of Mass FX and Hyperdrol, which'll run out soon, which'll be replaced with my new bottle of Tribex.

    Why do I want to do this cycle? Because I have the products and I want to use 'em - I'm going to China for a year in August and don't want to smuggle them over with Nolva. I also want to cut a little bit before China so I can look good. I have no plans on any PH use (ever) after this....I just want to use what I spent my money on. Would this be a bad cycle?
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  2. wow this is an old post

  3. u could bridge them for 3 weeks phera and 3 weeks SD like this

    week 1-2: phera
    week 3: SD/phera (just keep the SD at a low dose 10mg would be ok)
    week 4-5: SD

    but thats just my opinion

  4. Ya, the cycle looks good and the liver values will return to normal; unless you have a previous liver condition, you should be fine, especially if your running milk thistle... And a 7 week bridge/stack isnt a bad idea at all for those 2. I would however run the superdrol first then the phera plex like so : 20/20/20 10/20/20/30, and wow my math ha, thats 6 weeks. But IMO thats what I would do... I have currently started a m-drol/p-plex bridge/stack....

  5. i would run it, but then again i got big ole brass balls (and a good doc). I prefer to run super and phera side by side though.



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