recommended dosage for ......

  1. recommended dosage for ......

    LGP 4g 1-T + 6g 4ad + 4g Nordiol - 240ml

    Recomended dosage is 2 squirts per day

    That would give you

    66mg of 1 T

    100MG 4ad

    Not sure of the Nor contents its not listed on legalgears website but I am assuming its the same as the 1-test

    I am 160lbs now . Is this enough? I thought at least 100mg per day of 1 test would be the min.

    Thansk for any info

  2. I would definitely go WAY higher, but that's me: I'm about 260 right now with several PH cycles under my belt.

    How many cycles have you done before, if any?
    How long have you been training?

  3. None so far.
    I have been training for about 3 months . I look at weights and my arms fill with blood so I am not a newbie in terms of lifting or diet. As far as the prohormones go I need advice , I do know I want the fast track to some extra muscle thats for sure

  4. Bro, only 3 months of training and you want to start using PH? If you just eat well and train hard, you should be able to make great gains naturally. I say train some more, like for about a year before going the PH route.

  5. When I say three months I mean three months after a layoff. I am 33 years old and have been lifting on and off for 12 years. I know what my genetic limits are and I am getting close to them.

    If I was 20 again and surging with natural test sure why do PH's but thats not the case

  6. You might just try 2 pumps twice a day instead of one if you feel like your ready for that.


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