Is this safe to take before a PH CYCLE???

  1. Is this safe to take before a PH CYCLE???

    School is killing my immune system. I was REALLY SICK in early Dec. (lost about 15lbs or so). Then in late Jan. I got frickin sick again at school (don't know how much weight i lost) and I'm still sick with the worst sinus pressure ever. It also doesn't help that I'm in Syracuse because the weather here is fing disgusting with constant snow and freezing temperatures.

    So before my scheduled PH CYCLE in mid April, I bought AX's MASS FX and Hyperdrol X2 to put on some weight and get back some of the muscle and strength I lost. I was planning on running only a 4 week cycle and the start of week 3 I'm going to take DRIVE and continue that up until my April Cycle of Epi, powerfull, Xlean (i have some left over), and anabolic pump. Is this safe or is my test levels and all that stuff gunna be out of wack for when I start the Epi?

    People recommended taking DRIVE ( i didn't mention the triple stack) but during the time I had asked the forum I wasn't sick again yet. Now that I got sick again and haven't made it to the gym in a while, I thought I'd go with that stack to get me back and ready before the epi cycle.

    Please list all concerns, thoughts, or the GREEN LIGHT to go. Thanks guys much appreciated.

  2. For what it's worth, I went overboard with the supplements last summer, like was constantly on a cycle of either a test booster, or this or that, then did a cycle of epi, and my endocrine system took months to recover. So I learned that off cycle means off cycle. My body needs time to recover from hormonal limbo, meaning all supplements except CM.

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