Skin Lotion version of 3Alpha

  1. Skin Lotion version of 3Alpha

    Has anyone think of offering a "Skin Lotion" version of 3Alpha?  Bill at Molecular said they will source to homebrew to make Skin Lotion 3Alpha.

    It would be ideal as 3Alpha has such a hight conversion rate.


  2. We have chatted about it several time as I have brought up that thread before. I would love to see it in action but BDC contacted Bill L about sourcing a few hundred grams of 3A and Bill has not responded at all. Sucks!

  3. whats the rate of conversion? 43%?

  4. whats the rate of conversion? 43%? wouldnt that be real expensive? i mean i know the rate of conversiona dn the absorption of the homebrews would make it easy to use a low dosage but still wouldnt that be real pricey?

  5. I e-mail'ed Bill L. about trying to get some 3-alpha bulk powder after that "3-alpha topical" thread on a few weeks ago. Like Jake said with BDC, Bill never responded to me either...

    I'm hoping someone can source the 3-alpha. If not BDC, possibly Par, as he was in on that thread with Bill as well, discussing the possibility of putting some 3-alpha in his PH gel for a trial run.

  6. Par Deus said he is purchasing a kilo of 3-alpha from Bill L. I am hoping he will sell the material in smaller amounts for us to purchase and use in a transdermal. If he does, this will make one hell of a "cutting gel."

  7. I hope you guys enjoyed your hair and prostate while it lasted

  8. Originally posted by pjorstad
    I hope you guys enjoyed your hair and prostate while it lasted
    LOL! That could be true for some for sure bro.

  9. Bump for info. Maybe Chemo know something about sourcing the raw powder here.

  10. I think Bill has just been busy. I don't think he is ignoring the topic (or emails). He hasn't posted on any major message boards of late.

    I'll contact him to see what he says about getting it. Although, satan stands a better chance of getting it from him than I do.

  11. yeah he comes at u like u muredered his mother and **** recieved a email from him in reply to a ? said something about he has been busy moving his offices

  12. He is a transplant now, he moved to FL from up north.

  13. Sorry guys,

    I was putting off answering some of the emails because, well initially anyway, I thought Par was going to do it, and was waiting for the details to be ironed out. But with him dropping the dermals that project seems scrapped for now. I haven't had a chance to go through the old emails and respond since then, my apologies.

    I'll probably just start sourcing out some of the raw powder if you guys want, or maybe see if Par is going to sell the raws he is picking up from me. I'll figure something out.. Just has been really nuts the last month or so.

  14. Thanx Bill. Nice to see you finally posting here.. Talk to ya..
    Allow PHP BB Code Yes

  15. Bill says no to me guys so guess someone else will have to carry it.


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