April Cycle, Please Give Advice, Thanks!!

  1. Exclamation April Cycle, Please Give Advice, Thanks!!

    Hey guys I am new to the board, stats are 5'11" 190lbs body fat 10% did a test E 500mg/deca 300mg/dboll 25mg(week)
    6 months ago 20lb gain. i have a cycle planned and i need advice, please tell me what you think. thanks.

    Spring Cycle that is currently in the works...

    Wk 1-12: 750 mg Sustanon.
    Wk 1-8: 400 mg Tren Ace.
    Wk 1-6: 50-100mg Anadrol.
    Wk 6-12: 400mg Masteron

    Post Cycle Therapy- Nolva, Clomid, Arimidex, HCG

    Training 1 day on 1 off, 2 body parts per workout.


    Morning--5 egg whites+2 whole eggs / 3/4 cup oatmeal / oj / fish oil / multi vit / b-complex

    Mid-Morning--Lean protein (chicken/steak/ground beef) / 1-2 cups brown rice

    Lunch--Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread / fruit

    Pre-wkout--20g protein shake in fat-free milk w/ 3-5g creatine / fish oil

    Post-wkout--40g protein shake in fat-free milk w/ 3-5g creatine / oatmeal or fruit

    Dinner--Lean Protein / sweet potato / 1 cup veggies

    Late-night--1 cup Cottage cheese / 1 large scoop peanut butter / fish oil

    **2-3 cups coffee throughout the day with half/half maybe 1 splenda

    **almonds as needed to suppress cravings for sweets

    please add or give advice, thanks guys.

  2. My eyes were instantly drawn to A-bombs for six weeks...is this not on the long side?

    ...and to AM
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. 6 weeks, yeah i guess 4 is long enough. ive just herd 4-6

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