using liquidex all cycle

  1. using liquidex all cycle

    well, i've decided to use a very small amount of liquidex, .25 ml eod during my cycle

    1-2 tren gel
    3-8 .75 mg tren injected eod ( 1 ml)
    1-12 500 mg qv test enanthate, possibly switching to test prop for the last 2 weeks.

    this is my virgin cycle, and i got to admit, i LOVE injecting AAS. anyway, i'm doing this trace amount of liquidex to cut the edge on a potential problem as well as trim the bloat a little.

    while it's half of what is recommended, it should do something to lower estrogen just a tad. if it does nothing, then that's ok too. for post cycle i'm planning nolva and hcg.

    any comments, positive or negative?

  2. anti e's during cycle is always a positive. I personally did .5 liquidex on my last cycle, really liked it.

    are you injecting liquidex or drinking it?

  3. injecting ldex... now that is a new one.. never heard of that one Brain

  4. Yup bro, I wouldnt recommend injecting ANY research chems LOL



  5. I like what you have planned ..but I would dubble the ldex ...It doesn't do a great job .....the tren will keep the water off if you drink enough water make sure your getting all the food in sight down your throat eat and eat some more .....good luck and keep us posted ...

    never inject a researchchem ...most are an extreamly high level of ba and bb.... there mostly emulsafied.....

    except our line and our is not ment for injection ever

  6. believe me, i'm not dumb enough to inject research chemicals. not unless i'm injecting my special research chemical into a girl

    i started this around 12 or 13?? days ago with tren gel, and did my first test enan 9 days ago. i am as hard as a rock, without exaggerating much at all.

    the reason i'm holding back on the liquidex (and that i'm using liquidex vs letro) is that i want some estrogen. the tren will keep the bloat off me, and when i get to the end of it, i may step up the liquidex. switching to test prop will also hold the bloat down.

    i ordered cinnamon finasteride from powernutrition, i may toss a little of that in as well (like 1 mg a day toward the end of the cycle).

    goddamn, this is starting to hit me hard!

  7. Originally posted by Matthew D
    injecting ldex... now that is a new one.. never heard of that one Brain
    I know, he said he loves injecting, I wanted to make sure he was not


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