bulk cycle LGP 1-T + 6g AD, LGP 1-T + Nordiol, or a BDC PH topical?

  1. bulk cycle LGP 1-T + 6g AD, LGP 1-T + Nordiol, or a BDC PH topical?

    Backgroud: I'm 5'6" 165 23 yrs old, haven't done a PH cycle, lifting for over 6 years, 2 years with basic supplement knowledge. Diet is steady- Br: oatmeal+20g protein/ 1 tbs flax
    Lu1:sandwich w/ tukey, chicken, etc..
    Lu2: cot che./or sameish
    Preworkout: 20g Protein/20g Dex/ 1tbs flax
    Post: 30gProtein/ 40g Dex w/or w/o Creatine dependent upon cut or bulk goal
    Lu3: sameish
    Din: chicken/Fish/Steak w/ greens din

    I'm not doing this cycle for a while (4 months), but a recent discussion with another member of this board, and interest in the benifits of a PH cycle sparked my question. Should I take LGP 1-T + 6g AD, LGP 1-T + 4g Nordiol, or BDC T1 (Pro, basic, Final)? my interest is in adding LEAN MASS. I'm not looking to add a lot of weight just to lose definition. The guy I talked to recommeded one with equal amounts 1test and 4ad. But it would be my first cycle and I want to limit the 1test side effects so I "thought" more 4ad would do that, but I was told that more 4ad would just add more water retention and fat, thus inhibiting my intent of adding LM. I have read the (among just about every PH post in the past 2 months) post about PH FAQ's and thought 19nor + 1,4andro mixed in BDC's topical could be best. Personal experience suggestions?


    (I thought personal experice insight would be the best infor, but if this is a stupid question and I should just research more, feel free to tell me as much)

  2. let me know if you find out more. i want to try "nor" transderm also, but am not finding much info about it. i hear it shuts you & your "drives" down pretty hard. may depend on the person though. good luck

  3. For your first you cant do alot better than 1t + 4ad Id reccomend t1 pro at 1 squirt twice per day increase if you feel the need later in the cycle run for 4 weeks and make sure you have liqiud clomid or nolva for post cycle.

  4. It hard to say that Magg since were still learning about OH Test. It may very well be the best addition ever to any cycle first or other wise.....

  5. ok ok but I was making a general reccomenadtion there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. I loved my first cycle and it was 4ad only.

  6. I hear ya Magg, there is nothing wrong with simple.


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