Injecting B12 with or without AS

  1. Injecting B12 with or without AS

    I am trying to add some energy and have heard B-12 is good for that. How much B-12 should be taken weekly and should it be done IM or SUB-Q. Also, can I just add a cc to my enan shot since I take those twice a week? Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. Do not add a water based product to an oil based product then inject it. Thats an abscess waiting to happen.

    I take 2 grams of methyl B12 a week if that helps you any.

  3. I just use a slin pin IM. How old are you?

  4. You can take it IM or SQ. I've heard of people taking anywhere from .5cc to 6cc/week.

  5. I've used methyl and regular B-12 sub-q and IM.

    I like IM much, much better. Don't like the lump that sub-q leaves.



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