late shipment

  1. late shipment

    I just finished up my 5 week cycle of deca and sus. My pack of nolvadex hasn't come yet and im worried its not gonna. I have novadex xt but i know that that will probably not cut it. I had the nolvadex before i started but my brother took it with him to california without lettin me know and its gone haha.. any suggestions?? i ordered it express like a week ago so it may come soon or it may not come at all. . my last shot was today and i also was wondering about the amount you take it.. thanks appreciate the help

  2. Did you order research liquid or tablets?

  3. reorder, do what you gotta do but get your hands on a SERM. get your brother to ship the nolva back or something...your body is shut down so you NEED the SERM.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    Did you order research liquid or tablets?
    Is their a better chance at receiving one or the other?

  5. Well, you actually have 15-18 days after the last injection before you should to start your pct. That's how long it takes for the esters on these bad boys to clear.

  6. haha alright so i can wait 2 weeks before i start post cycle?

  7. Yeah, you must wait 2 weeks before you start. Otherwise, your recovery will be greatly hindered.


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