My first S-Drol cycle Log

  1. My first S-Drol cycle Log

    ok so this is my first log. me and my buddy are doing a 4 week S-drol cycle over here in iraq and heres our stack

    S-Drol (by fast action pharm)
    Week 1 10mg, 20mg last 4 days
    Week 2 20mg
    Week 3-4 30mg
    Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support (2x a day)

    im taking the sdrol one pill twice a day, morning and pre workout, both on an empty stomach. should i take it on a full stomach, i really dont know

    Post Cycle

    Post Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations
    Sustain Alpha

    Im 6'2", 210lbs.
    Bench Max: 290lbs

    We're on our 8th day of the S-drol. So far i havent really noticed any significant changes. My bench is still going up in weight but it was before i started the cycle so its hard to notice a chance in that. I felt a little back pain earlier but it came in went in a matter of 10 minutes.

    I guess they say you dont notice anything till week 2 so we'll see.

    Ill keep logging and let everyone know hows its working

    Im getting about 300+ grams protein a day on about a 3000 calorie diet. Im in iraq so its hard to get consistant meals.

  2. goodluck with the b*tch tits!! u need a prescription (grade) SERM for superdrol

  3. Your PCT is WEAK man! S-drol needs a SERM!!!! GO GET A SERM!!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pmoney99 View Post

    i really dont know

    No, you really don't know. This is going to be a rough ride for you. 3000 calories and 300g of protein is not enough and if you can't get consistent meals with the right foods, then you shouldn't be doing a cycle of anything. Then there's water intake. Is that a problem too? And you're in the effing desert. If you don't stay really hydrated on this cycle, your kidneys are going to leap out through your rib cage and start punching you in the face for for all the abuse.

    Going to 30mg of SD in weeks 3 AND 4? You're going to wish you hadn't. Lot's of guys describe week 4 of SD by saying, "The sides are absolutely not worth it." You will feel miserable. Hell, I've seen guys report that they felt miserable in week 4 at only 20mg. Good luck.

    And anyone who runs SD without having a SERM in PCT should have their head examined. Of all the cycles to pop your cherry on while in Iraq, this would be the worst one.
  5. sdrol cycle log update

    ok so currently on day 10. not feeling a thing yet. been drinking about 2 gallons of water a day and eating as much as possible. i felt more of a pump and saw quicker results with nitro products, if things dont start to get better i might just dump this cycle.

    should i be feeling anything? im doing 20mg a day, one pill in the morning, one pre workout. im also adding Retain 2 to my post cycle , that is if i see results and make it there.

  6. Dude, i had a couple of friends on fast actions s-drol... yellow and white bottle...its bunk gear no1 had any gains/sides over 3weeks, throw it away and dont worry about pct.

    CEL M-drol seems to be the best superdrol around at the moment.

    The others are right you need a serm, mayb not just for pct i needed it for during the cycle.

    PM me if you need a hand, you on Telic?

  7. After doing a 4 week mdrol cycle, I will not do another for over 3 weeks, the 4th week is when the sides get rediculous, u will keep gaining, but the sides aren;t worth it

  8. He does have two SERMs in his pct. I do agree dosage of SD is too high. I don't agree with using it at all though.
  9. Angry sdrol cycle log update #2

    ya, i think im gonna finish out the week and if i still got nothing then im dumping it. its pretty dissapointing, i feel like im doing everything right but im not seeing/feeling any results. at least with NO products i get a nice pump while im working out. just kinda mad i wasted my money.

    took 1 dose pre workout last night, which i did chest, and i just wore out ridiculously fast. i was stuggling getting 4 sets of 8 with 225 on bench. usually its no problem.

    but as far as gains/sides, ya nothing. my libido is still stronger than ever, my hair, if anything, seems thicker, i think this product is just a bunch of ****. ill finish out the week and see what we got. thanks guys for your input.

  10. With sdrol, your libido should literally crash in the 3rd week with no libido support supps. And also back pumps and lethargy are unanimous sides, if your not getting them (and your not chugging taurine), then your sdrol is bunk...

    Mdrol is legit, and their reps are on their toes, ask them anything you want. Best of luck.

  11. on last day of week 4 of SD myself. since week 4 has began i cant even run from my door to my car to avoid getting soaked by rain without getting a painful back pump. been doing nothing but sleeping since monday. def not worth it.

    most of gains were made in week 2-3 anyway.

  12. Thats what I am saying, weeks 2 and 3 are the money makers, while week 4 is all bad.

    3 week sdrol is the way to go.

    Good luck with your pct, sdrol has bad shutdown and estrogen/cortisol spikes after 4 weeks
  13. sdrol update.

    ya thanks guys. hey which company do u recommend for the mdrol. i know fast action is a bunch of crap but which one is recommended most. but ya im done with fast action sdrol, no sides, no gains, no nothing. just feel more sore when im done working out.

    thanks for the replys.

  14. mdrol is Competitive Edge Labs superdrol clone

    Do a lotta of searches on here and make sure you know what ur using and need to do to be safe

  15. hey thanks. i dont know if im gonna go with it just because im already kinda balding and i dunno, guess its not worth the sides. im hearing good things about the anabolic extreme mass fx stack, so i might give it a try after this ****. thanks.


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