DecaVol Does the Job

  1. DecaVol Does the Job

    That is, assuming you want the job done known as "deca d1ck". I took the low end of the dosage, 3 pills daily, for 3 weeks (one bottle). Through diet and exercise, and possibly this stuff, I lost about 3 pounds, and seem to have gained a bit of muscle. My strength is up a bit, and my recovery was quicker than usual, but my sex drive was nearly non existent for days on end, and when I was "At it" I would get sort of insensitive down in that region, and sometimes have trouble staying going. I have been off for about 3 days now, and my sex drive returned after about a day I'd say.

    For the minor improvements I made, I think I could have done better just working out harder and watching my diet as closely as I was while "on". I certainly could have spent the $60 on something better.

    Sorry for the lack of an official "log" but for such a low dose of something like this, it didn't seem worth it. I had my first workout since going off yesterday, and did chest. I hit it extra hard and I feel good.

    I think next is going to be a turinabol cycle and/or a low dose (200-400/wk) test cypionate run, for 8-12 weeks... but first I want to continue on the path of righteousness and eating of less crap food and more protein.

  2. I want something that will induce hepatitis, and make my gonads shrink to marble size. Will this do that? LOL j/k. PM Sent.

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