Why can't i leave the estradiol in the synovex???

  1. Why can't i leave the estradiol in the synovex???

    I can't remember where but i thought i read patrick arnold say the estradiol in these products arelower then what couldbe produced from aromotization of high doses of these steroids.

    So can i just leave the estradiol there and slap it on a transdermal and take an anti-E along so i won't get gyno??? Now i don't have nolvadex but 6-OXO and or viratase are possibilities.

    If i do this the whole cycle in moderate doses (the anti-E's) will the estradiol be a risk even if the test is in high doses.

    By the way how much would you put in a transdermal mg wise assuming you just slap it on the transdermal. Is it that easy like usingfinaplix if youdon't care about the estradiol?

  2. There is no way in hell that I would use the estradiol...

    Some have used it straight as you suggest with good results.  Most, however, will have serious sides.  Taking a strong receptor inhibitor is a must (nolva or clomid).

    Not recommended...


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