i owe liquid research a huge apology!!

  1. i owe liquid research a huge apology!!

    i got my "lost" package today, and yes, i was 100% in the wrong. i wish i could change the title of the thread where i wondered if they were still in business.

    would a mod please kill that thread? mike, i'm really sorry. i feel terrible for having posted that thread. i panicked when i thought my order wasn't sent and i couldn't get a hold of you.

  2. you can delete that post yourself bro

    Big props to lr

  3. If that is what it took to get the order shipped they are still a sad outfit that does not care enough about customer satisfaction to overhaul their operations. There is no apology needed for lighting a fire under their ass if you received your package...


  4. What is sad about the service it if it was 100% his fault?

  5. LR ROCKS!!!

  6. chemo, they had already mailed the package days ago. i mailed the order in without emailing them first. it was 100% my own fault for not following directions and then panicking on top of it. i was wrong, i'm truly sorry, and that's the end of the matter.


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