Only 1-AD and 4-AD legal

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  1. I had someone else make my reservations. The hotel is going to kill you. If you don't mind being a little out from the host hotel (mandalay bay and luxor) then you can probably save quite a bit of money. Most of the rooms I have saved are in the 100 buck range per night. I was told that the agency that is listed in the Olympia advertisements, is actually pretty good, although I'm not sure. Plane tickets bounce around like crazy, our flights from here are around 300. People have no idea how much it cost to go and do one of these shows. By the time you get booth space and so on it is a huge expensive, I just hope it pays off.

  2. Thx, 100 bux aint too too bad. If that is what it is. I'm alright on plane tickets as I have someone that will hook me up. we're both on the east coast, so I would assume that its about the same price for us both.

    But damn, I'm sure your gonna have to call dibs for space, no? Unless you had already reserved booth space. That'll be a bitch. I'm sure you will do good. good luck......

    no info on that IFBB chick?

  3. Jen is from OH as far as I know. We have 4 booth spaces at the arnold and are also a sponser of the show.

  4. Ok, maybe she's not the one I was thinking of. Unless she had moved, I'll have to ask Mike (her suspected brother)

  5. Originally posted by jminis
    if you want to ban something lets make it 1test because it's side effects are so awful in comparison.
    What are you talking about? 1-test doesn't have more side effects than other prohormones. In fact, its anabolic/androgenic ratio is higher than that of 4-diol and it doesn't convert to estrogen. Yeah, 1-test is very potent and it doesn't limit itself with enzyme saturation as most phs do, however, it's your choice, just take less mg of 1-test, you will get the same anabolic effect you'd get with prohormones but with less side effects (less androgenity than 4-diol, no estrogen conversion, no estrogen or DHT conversion before converting to target hormone, ...).

  6. Originally posted by jweave23


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