LG Sciences methyl masterdrol xl v2

  1. LG Sciences methyl masterdrol xl v2

    I went to GNC and saw some methyl masterdrol xl v2 by LG sciences...

    I tried searching the forumms all i found was really about liquid masterdrol...

    would this be ok to take? thinking about getin some liver support and nolvadex xt at gnc...

    i figure it'll be safe since its from GNC?

    can someone help me out
    Only suppls i taken was creatine and NO2...


  2. First off, never buy from G N C! They are over-priced and only want your money. Stay away! NutraPlanet.com is the place to buy from.

    Read this thread - ask any questions you may have in it... You will have a better chance of reaching an answer.
    Methyl Masterdrol V2 - Why it works...

  3. Most likely if its from GNC, and a XL type brand, there are some ingredients missing from it compared to the originals on LGs site. Im sure you wont get "methyl-like" gains, but it could be worth a try if you have some Xtra cash to blow.

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