Acl Tren Extreme Cycle

  1. Acl Tren Extreme Cycle

    so lucky me, i found a supplier that stocks ACL tren extreme. the chemical structure is 19-norandrosta 4,9 diene 3, 17 dione 30mg. i will run this cycle for at least 30 days - the bottle says i can run it for 8 weeks then a 4 week break. i will run NO OTHER SUPPLEMENTS, except for:

    milk thistle
    ON Whey Gold Standard
    ON Serious Mass
    One-A-Day multivit

    My workout follows
    monday - legs/back
    tuesday - 300 workout (squats, deadlift, bench, clean and press
    - floor wiper, pull ups) 5x10 each
    wednesday - chest/shoulders
    thursday - arms
    friday - 300 workout (sub lunges for squats)
    saturday - off
    sunday - off

    quick stats about me
    171 lbs
    9.5% body fat
    max bench 225x5
    max squats 155x8 (i know that blows)
    max deadlift 165x8 (not any better)
    max pullup - body weight
    max skullcrusher - 100x8
    max preacher curl - 85x10
    max military press - 115x10
    (trying to give you all an overall idea of any improvements made)

    i will take the pills 3x a day, and let you guys know daily whats happening. i took two pills today already to get myself ready for tomorrow. i'm hoping to gain 9 pounds this month (thats what i gained last month when i took no supps, and quit smoking, but that was all gained in a two week period). will update any other supps i add, though if there are any it will be casein protein for bedtime and maybe creatine. tomorrow i will post my complete routine, as well as anything else of note. thanks to everyone who did help me on my last thread - i took out a legs/back day, but kept everything else, since the 300 workout is where i seem to make most of my gains.

    P.S. i never do cardio. ever. the 300 workout is a GH promoting workout, so i feel no need to do anything else. In addition, i am -600 calories on 300 day, since i can't do a calorie shake post workout (carbs kick you out of GH maximization).

  2. DAY 1

    did the 300 workout today (tuesday). workout as follows

    1st triset
    squats 5x10 135 lbs
    deadlift 5x10 135 lbs
    pullups unweighted
    15 min for all 5 sets of first triset

    2nd triset
    clean and press 5x10 26 lb (kettlebell)
    floor wiper 5x10 135 lbs
    bench press 5x10 205 lbs
    15 min for all 5 sets of 2nd triset

    workout sucked today. 9am in the morning, woke up 3 times last night (girly girl kept stealing my blankie). workout partner flaked on me. lots of old guys putzing around. i think at least one of them fell asleep on the smith machine. hard to find motivation today. suffice it to say i did not go up in weight. had to struggle to finish my workout without giving up early. not feeling anything as of yet, though i suspect it will take 2 more days to feel it kick in.
    on a sidenote, i am unusually thirsty today. kept hitting the water fountain after EACH triset, so hard to keep momentum up. still finished the workout in 30 minutes, but i usually take 2-3 water breaks, not 10...

  3. also, does anyone know if milk thistle is even needed or recommended for this, since this is non methyl-ated??/

  4. will be reading!

    good luck bro

  5. because i'm a newb to the board, i have posted this in the wrong place - anyone interested can check out where it should be -

  6. I didn't see any mention of post cycle therapy. Are you planning on running any?

  7. hrm... post cycle therapy.
    tribulus (it actually works because i'm 30+)
    HGF-X (a GH raising item i got on ebay. will post a review on that too)
    milk thistle


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