fruity punch fina?

  1. fruity punch fina?

    can you actually drink the stuff? it's new to me...

  2. what the ... , just use it with t-gel or homebrew ? add 4-ad

  3. i mean like "power nutrition" has the stuff now in like 3 flavors? i didn't know it was oral...

  4. is it just a "scent"?

  5. i would pass on the "fruity" in that case...

  6. I think you are mistaken.  Powernutrition does not sell fina.

  7. Definately mistaken....

  8. finasteride not trenbolene acetate

    Its for hairloss man

  9. It's like propecia ! lool
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  10. Originally posted by sicosico
    It's like prooecia ! lool


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