Pats forfeit Superbowl after Brady tests positive for Pheraplex/clones...

  1. Pats forfeit Superbowl after Brady tests positive for Pheraplex/clones...

    I could only wish... But seriously anyone who's done 2 seperate Superdrol/clones run and Pheraplex/clone runs what were comparisons like in terms of gains for each vs. sides for each?

  2. WOW! The look on Brady's face was priceless, one of my fav. moments in sports. I guess cheaters never win. (consider that a bump)

  3. It's important that people realize that the coach was the brains behind the whole idea of taping other team's plays. But the whole team had to suffer. They win as a team, they lose as a team.

    The title of this thread definitely caught my attention, lol. But then I thought about it: many of the players on the Pats and Giants teams look as though they could be on steroids. A lot of them are much, much bigger than Brady. But his size doesn't mean that he's not using supplements. He possibly could be. But I'd put it past him before any of the others.

  4. After the game tonight even Belichick looked as if he had some lethargy...

  5. he probably ran superdrol without a proper post cycle and is now paying the price



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