Fina and 1-Test, or Fina and 4AD?

  1. Fina and 1-Test, or Fina and 4AD?

    any thoughts or ideas on which way to go?

  2. Fina and 4ad or risk the dreaded fina dick

  3. Agree with Maggmaster. Bro seriously fina and 4ad. Fina and 1test would destroy your sex life and your nutz. later J

  4. my sex drive has never been affected by any the the stronger cycles i have done...

  5. Umm tren and test!

    Why mix a ph with something real? Especially when synovex is available just as easily as fina

  6. i know it just looks like such a pain in the ass to brew...

  7. 4ad is really not bad as a test substitute the amount of weight and libido increasd was very similar between my transdermal syno and my transdermal 4ad cycles

  8. I can't see mixing PH with tren...... if you don't want to do a syno conversion then buy some test-e.

  9. Fina and test (both injectable) would be the first choice. Good solid stack there.

    Fina with a moderate-high dose of 4-AD probably wouldn't be too terrible either though.

    Stay away from fina + 1-Test. You'll be a wet noodle in short order.

  10. Originally posted by digger
    my sex drive has never been affected by any the the stronger cycles i have done...
    Bro, 1-test and fina are both known to suppress libido. If you stack them, you're just asking to get limp dick - this stack should be called the Impotence Stack.


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