To quote a famous book "Winter is coming"

  1. To quote a famous book "Winter is coming"

    The fall is nigh upon us and thus the season of bulking begins so Im going to run my bulking plan past you guys to see what you think.

    I have orderd 60 g 4ad and divided it into 6 10 g transdermals this will form my base for my winter "cycle" I put cycle in quotes because i do not plan to come off for around 3 months. I am going to use DCs blast cruise method that he spells out in his cycles for pennies thread my blasts will be 2 weeks long and will consist of
    800 mg 4ad ed
    250mg fina transdermal ed
    .25 mg arim ed

    my cruises will be 4 weeks long and will consist of
    400 mg 4ad ed
    .25 mg arim ed
    50 mg clomid ed

    I will be on for 16 weeks and then will come off and evaluate where my weight stabilizes. At that point i think I will be at or above my natural limit (hopefully)

    My diet will be heavy bulking with an emphasis on clean lots of eggs and chicken (theyre cheap) 6 -8 meals per day only 3 being liquid
    my other supps while on will include Multi vits, protein powder (200g ed)
    fish oil 2g ed, Calcium 4g ed, vit E(natural anti e) 2000 iu ed and liver tabs 12 ed If i can afford it I will use ICE all the way through as well.

    post cycle I will use Nolva+letrzole these are already on hand in case I have an incident and need to terminate my cycle early. I considerd HCG but since Im not injecting anything else I think it would be rather pointless.

    Training will be DC's RP method for the first 8 weeks followed by an HST bout and then post cycle a lower volume lower intensity true cruise. In my lower androgen periods I will lower intensity as well. If I can get my hands on some Dbol I will use them during my blasts to really up my strength.

    Any comments?

  2. No ones interested huh?

  3. I would like to see how it pans out for you Magg. esp with DC routine. Are you doing DC's newer modified routine? Or the oder four days a week?
  4. NE1
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    I was thinking of something like this, cept doing two weeks on, two weeks off..eating like mad the weeks on, and cutting the weeks fat, only post workout carbs...and mostly liquid protein drinks...changing he workout routine each time I go "on"...say high intensity, low reps (8 or less), two sets for each body part, and hit everything 3x in 9 days. Two weeks later when im on again, go with really high reps, 30+ with the last 10-12 as rest pause sets...kind that make ya dizzy and set per bodypart 2x in 8 days. If nothing esle, this would let ya know what you respond to the best and how you recover...a nice little experiment.

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