Epi/Havoc vs. Dianabol? (Healthwise)

  1. Epi/Havoc vs. Dianabol? (Healthwise)

    I'm sorry if this has been concerned before, I searched and couldn't find any direct comparison. I'm wondering how Havoc or other related compounds would compare to oral steroids such as Dianabol or other orals in regards to liver toxicity, libids, and health in general. From what we know of it would it be safer. I've had some health issues related to adrenal fatigue and low test. I've gained some weight( some of which is related to Cortef) and just want to drop some fat without losing anymore muscle. Also have some estrogen related fat disposition and possible slight gyno. Recent Liver panels and lipid profiles came back good, but don't want to hurt myself.
    I want to try HCG and serm(clomid) w/ nolva after to try and raise natural test and thought maybe do 4 weeks havoc cycle before restart..
    Thanks in advance--Raw

  2. Many of the "newer" steriods to come out have little to no scientific research behind it. Perhaps the manufacturers may know but in all likelyhood the just sell the product and let someone else ask and answer the questions. On the other hand you have the "tried and true" AAS, that have been researched extensively. I would say try running a search on Pubmed for dianabol. Likely there will be lots of studies and information on it. I have taken both compounds (well epi not havoc) and i can subjectively say both are safe compounds i felt great on both but i believe epi to have less side effects as it does not aromatize which results in less side effects. I do not have blood tests to prove my opinion but if you use them properly and take support supplements then you should be covered and if anything like liver and lipid values to get skewed they shoudl return to normal after cessation of steriod use.

  3. Anecdotally I would agree that Epi is quite a bit safer than Dbol. The lack of aromitization and liver toxicity alone is a big issue. Having used both Epi and M1,4 Diol I'd have to say I faired much better on Epi. Epi has also been used in a clinical setting as a treatment for gyno in Japan though I do not know at what dosage per se.

    As with anything, moderation would be the key. I'm sure some overly zealous person will find the upper lethal limit of Epi for us all very soon.

  4. I wouldn't say that Epi has a "lack of... liver toxicity".
    I believe any methylated compound is liver toxic. Epi may just be slightly less toxic (or less noticable) than other compounds.

  5. i realy dont know how your trying to compare dbol to epistane



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