newbie test prop and tren cycle help

  1. newbie test prop and tren cycle help

    hey guys this is my first post on here and it is pretty important. i have searched but i would like my responses to be specific and once i hae the ability i will rep everyone who takes me seriously.
    this is my second cycle (my first was orals...) and my main concern is strength and leaning out. i am 5'8 174.
    i am about to start a cycle of test prop and tren (masteron with d bol on hand) and i was hoping that yo could critique my cycle. i will take any advise or pointers you have.

    i have 3 vials or prop
    1 tren a
    1 masteron
    and 250 d bol

    i am concerned about total shutdown with the tren and i want to run a low dose so i was thinking i would do
    90 prop eod
    30 tren ed
    and possibly 20 masteron eod for 8 weeks then i will be using clomid as a post cycle

    what do you think?

  2. I'm glad you posted and asked the questions. It means you at least have foresight and desire to do things properly. That said, please don't be offended, at this bit of advice:

    At age 21, you're gonna shut down your already raging T production by using steroids. Then, these substances will produce an increase in T. You SHUT DOWN your 21 year-old body's ability to naturally produce the very thing you are gonna then shoot into your body!

    This cycle doesn't make sense. I hope you'll consider the facts. You'll be much happier later, when your body CAN effectively utilize such substances! Just lookin' out, amigo...

  3. so you are saying that i shouldnt you any type of anabolics??? i aprechate the concern. really, but i already have everything and im am going to start in about a week regardless and i am going to be doing a proper pct.

    would it be better to do 30 master and 30 tren eod?

  4. i am also thinkin of trowing in some clen. how much and when do you think i should do this?

  5. Use the Clen in post cycle therapy to keep cortisol down if you want. It's not commonly done these days but in years past everyone did it and swore by it, and it is still effective in this capacity if you choose to use it that way. Be prepared for the 1 week adjustment period for the clen, though, the headaches can be wicked bad.

    If you're worried about shutdown you should probably do some research on using HCG while on cycle. Sounds like you're not opposed to sticking yourself so one extra poke won't hurt!

  6. I'm not gonna really get into it much more, cause you already know my concerns. I like clen alot, personally. However, as a post-cycle supp, beware that it can be fairly catabolic to some. Not everyone agrees, however.

  7. If this is your first cycle then i'd say drop the tren definitly. Tren sides can be harsh and for you first cycle it is better to play it safe and see how your body reacts to the other hormones. Just run the Test prop, Dbols and Masteron save the Tren for another cycle. Can you outline your cycle for us so i can see how it lays out?? Ex: Week 1-4 30mgs Dbol, 50mgs Tprop EOD, etc..... Do you only have 1 vials worth of Masteron??
    Also what are your goals

  8. goals: leanest gains possible and +++strength

    current breakdown is (but willing to ulter):
    weeks 1-8=100 test prop e.o.d
    30 tren a e.d
    weeks 4-5= 30mg dbol e.d
    weeks 10-12= clomid pct

    if i was to switch the tren with the masteron how much and how often do you recomend i take it? because im not sure if im going to take that and the clen yet

    and any good links to read up on hcg?

  9. im almost a week in now and so far all i have been usin is the test prop. 40mg a day. i just did my sixth injection last night into my other thigh (i have already done my glutes and delts) and my only concern is that i might need anouther injection site so that i dont build up scar tissue as fast. what do you guys recomend?
    also might get some provioren. should i just take it towards the end of my cycle?


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