Reactions to T-1 Final formula while in Sun?

  1. Reactions to T-1 Final formula while in Sun?


    I was wondering if anyone has applied the new T-1 Final formula (without dmso) and had any bad reactions from the sun or outdoor elements?

    Is it safe or am I looking for the sunburn from hell....

    I apply it on my chest, shoulders and inside of biceps.



  2. I probably wouldnt apply it right before going outdoors in direct sunlight since youll probably sweat most of it off before it absorbs but otherwise Ive spent a couple hours in the sun at the beach and while doing yardwork with the stuff on and had no real problems. I did notice a little burn (irratation) but that only lasted a couple minutes. I also got it in my eyes alot since I was sweating and I kept wiping my forehead and eventually got some in eyes. It does burn like a somemummabitch for a little while.


  3. Actually sweating opens up the pores and improves absorption

  4. Sweating improves absorption? I know it opens the pores but if you sweat like me then your going to be dripping more off then what would be absorbed. I truly doubt that if someone applies then sits in a sauna for 30 mins that there levels of absorption would be higher then someone who applied and let it sit for 3 hours. Maybe Im wrong but Im just thinking from the perspective of a Floridian. We dont drip sweat, we spray it. Its that hot all the time. But I imagine that a light sweat momentarily would perhaps help absorption by as you stated opening the pores and allowing more surface area for absorption.


    Sum it up. Light sweat may be good. Heavy sweat bad. Either way your probably better off letting it sit before any direct sunlight.

  5. No it really does Chemo used to pos about it all the time ask Curt

  6. Guess I learned something new today.
    See it aint so bad being a sweaty fat bastard after all.



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