Bulking Cycle

  1. Bulking Cycle

    Ok, I still have some weeks to go while I cut then I am gonna gradually increase my cals. to maintenance (3000). But I am planning on bulking here for the winter. My first goal is to bulk by my diet for the first few months and as gains slow then use the aid of a PS.

    Ok first off, I am about 6'2 200 pounds. I am down to about 11% body fat and when i stop my cutting I hope to be around 7-8. I want to really add some serious mass and am not too worried about adding some bodyfat (gaining a little fat doesn't bother me). I think I am going to go with 15 grams of 1-test and 15 grams of 4ad for two four week cycles. Is there anything else anyone would add in? I may add 400mg of 1,4 andro to help with appetite per day. Is there anything else anyone would add? I will be eating roughly 800-1000 cals. above my maintenance.

    I do not feel like making my own homebrew, so I may just buy some LGP 1-T + 6g 4AD - 240ml and another bottle Power LGP 1-T + 3g 1-Test - 240ml (I am sure the boys at legal like to hear this and just use each of those for a total of 8 weeks (two four week cycles). This would be 14 grams of 1-test and 18 grams of 4Ad. Which would be roughly 233mgs of 1-test applied per day and 300mgs of 4AD applied per day. I think my calculations are correct. WHich would be in the new PE formula for even better absorption. I like the higher 4AD cause with that much 1-test libido and lethargy could be a problem. Would anyone adjust the ratio of the two or add anything else in?

    Just a little background: I have done two other cycles with one+ and t-1 final. The one+ was two bottles for a four week cycle and the t-1 final was just a bottle for a 4 week cycle. Lethargy hit me a little with the t-1 even with that small dose. Libido has been fine on both. Now my other question is, i made some really great size gains on the one+ and I know some (I think bobo or someone) said they seem to make really great gains with 4ad. I really do not care about water retention (plus I have Two bottles of Nolvadex in case of gyno). Should I mega dose the 4ad since my body seems to respond well to it? I lost some size when I was off the one+, but I maintained most of my gains post except for some water weight.

    I will also be using Nolvadex (along with flax, ec, and high cals. and lowered training volume) post cycle dosed 40mcgs for first week and 20 for the next two weeks.

    Sorry for the long post, I just didn't want to leave anyting out so people know what recommendations to offer and shed some insight as to what has worked for them. I am looking to really hit a good cycle. I don't want to do any insane cycle stacks but I am really looking to jump on a good cycle Thanks in advance for all your help.


  2. If you know you will gain well on 4AD alone, I'd go for it since you have nolva handy. A 2:1 ratio of 4AD to 1-test should keep lethargy at a minimum while allowing you to mega-dose the 4AD, I wouldn't go more than 12g of 1-t and 18g if you want to minimize lethargy.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. That is what I was thinking, thanks Beast. Anyone else?

  4. Any other thoughts on maximum ratios for bulking with 1test and 4ad from personal experiences. I am also debating whether to do two four weekers or two sixers. I have time to decide. I am gonna start bulking next week but I want to give some time to gain strength naturally.

  5. I think I have decide on 11 gram of 1-test and 18 grams of 4ad over a six week cycle.

    LGP 1-T + 6g 4AD - 240ml and
    Power LGP 1-T - 240ml over 6 weeks.

    This will be a total of 430mgs applied per day of 4ad and 260mgs of 1-test per day. Anybody see any problems with this? I want to extend it to 6 weeks. Give a chance for a real good bulk. I am going to start in two weeks. I was thinking four weeks at first but 366mgs of 1-test and 600mgs of 4ad seems heavy. Any opinions on that? I change my mind every time the wind blows.


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