Furazadrol Vs Bold

  1. Furazadrol Vs Bold

    how do these diff compounds stack up to each other in terms of strength gains in Solo runs. I wanted to gauge how strong there are to each other. Some have complained Furazadrol is a waste solo as well, and better stacked.

    Looking to add something to Havoc bulk cycle .

  2. I think you may have a better go with the 1,4 bold.

    I remember a few members that have tried it and liked it, the 1st name comes to my head is Dsade (or maybe I have mistaken).

  3. so far, after searching all the Milder PH's...ive weighed the sides but im unsure just how strong Furazadrol is alone, bold puts up gains around 5lbs in a 6-8 week. Any idea what furazadrol would run? or more generally, winztrol

  4. i am running both together right now. i am up about 10 lbs., but not completely clean.

  5. Furazadrol isn't really a gainer, but excellent for a cutting cycle. Don't expect to put on a lot of mass on furazadrol.



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