hcg during cycle

  1. hcg during cycle

    i've heard rumblings of people doing 500 iu of hcg every week during their test cycle, in order that the nads are a bit more ready to spring back during the post cycle, and recovery is substantially easier.

    anyone here ever do this? and if you did hcg during the cycle, shouldn't you also do some nolva as well?

  2. Read some old threads about Bill L's article clomid vs nolva. Basically the problem is not lutenizing hormone levels but testicle atrophy. So HCG prevents atrophy esp in long cycles.
    Not sure about nolva but if its not alot of HCG would nolva be required?

  3. i wondering that too.

  4. There has benn specualtion about the importance of testicular atrophy and it probably does play a fairly major biochemical role.In my opinion if youve got the money to spend on extra hcg then do it. Just not at the expense of other recovery compounds. Yes I would run some nolva on the days surroundingg your weekly HCG shot since it can aromatize heavily

  5. You can use it during a cycle but not necessary.



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