Best Supplements While on Test... Your Opinions...?

  1. Best Supplements While on Test... Your Opinions...?

    Hello everyone...

    I am on a Test cycle at the moment and have all my supporting supplements. I am curious to note what you all think is the "must have" of supplements while on a cycle...?

    For me its:
    Fish Oils
    "cycle support" (has saw palmetto and other goodies in it)
    BCAA's to sip on while at the gym
    Whey Protein (obviously...)
    Creatine Mono

    How about everyone else...? Anything that you consider a "must have" when on cycle? :squat:


  2. Looks like you got your bases covered bro

  3. id add some glutamine around 15grams a day volumizes muscle cells

  4. 15 grams a day...? HMMM>.... i have a whole bottle that i am taking "as recommended"... but i may bump itup to 15grams to test that....

    There are thoughts that glutamine isnt all its cracked up to be... i assume ya'll have heard the same?



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