This is ridiculous

  1. This is ridiculous

    25mg Superdrol with 25 Mg Halo and the reccomended dose is 2 caps per day WTF?
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  2. That is crazy, either that they under dosing it or they are out to kill people's liver.

  3. 50 mgs of Superdrol is just insane! Fukc that!

    Unless it's 25 mgs for 2 pills (12.5 a serving).

  4. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    50 mgs of Superdrol is just insane! Fukc that!

    Unless it's 25 mgs for 2 pills (12.5 a serving).
    Nah it says serving size (1 capsule) and then the amount of each per serving. Bit bonkers but that's what you've got to expect with these cloning companies, I suppose they've got a liver supplement aswell lol.

  5. "Added liver cleanse for your overall health - because we care!"


  6. damn 50mg of SD......i think i would be trying to kill someone...or myself.

  7. 20mgs of Superdrol makes me lethargic and angry as hell - 50mgs would put me in the crazy ward at the hospital, or in prison. That's just fukced up!

  8. I think that has Pheraplex clone not superdrol in it + halo50.


  9. No, It's a SD clone.

  10. That is jkin ridiculous. It's products like this that bring the prohormone bans and whatnot.

  11. Welp, shall we wager on how long before this kills some kid and we hear about it all over the news?

    I like the "...may falsely test positive for performance enhancing drugs..." part. That's because YOU ARE TAKING PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS, you idiot!


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