effects of heat on PHs?

  1. effects of heat on PHs?

    I've seen alotof info/questioning about what occurs if a transdermal is refrigerated, frozen etc, mainly relating to keeping its potency. I'm wondering the opposite way. What happens if a PH transdermal is heated. Nothing outrageous, but kept in say a car during a hot day. It certainly makes the solution much more runny, but will this degrade the actual PH in anyway? I'm not looking to store anything in the car long term, just for a day or two while on a road trip (no A/C).

  2. NO A/C!!! Are you aware that its summer out there.

    Short term should be fine. Like you said it will be extremely runny but it should help the dissolve ratio while warmed.

    Long term heat never mixes well with meds and drugs. It destroys the potentcy and shelf life expotentually determined by the time its exposed to high temps. And cars as we all know can get extremly hot. So ill say it again. NO A/C!!!!

    Get yourself a can of freon and try to fix it yourself. If the compressors shot then see a mechanic A.S.A.P. This is an unfortunately tragic scenario thats played out countless times across America and needs to be put to an End. Hopefully when Gary Coleman or Arnold Swartzenneger make office theyll will address this situation with full force and pass a bill to see to it that this never happens again.


  3. Hey, I'm in Canada man. Home of igloos and snowshoes, skiing all year long. hehe. Point taken on the heat though. I'd be looking at around 11-12 hrs max, then back into a room with A/C for the PH, so I guess that will qualify as short term. Suppose I could always throw it into a cooler while it was in the car if I had to.

  4. If it doesnt get that hot then kust leave the windows cracked and you should be fine.

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