test transdermal directions.

  1. test transdermal directions.

    ok guys. i'm looking to make a transdermal test, and i was planning on using dazed's kit with synovex-h and use a phlojel transdermal kit. anyway, it's my understanding that the kit yields test prop, which won't work with a transdermal because of the ester.

    is this true? do you need test no ester for a transdermal? if so, how do you get test no ester from synovex-h?

    i've tried to look for threads here with explicit instructions, but i can't find them. my plan is to use a dermal cream twice a day when i'm not on cycle for a very slight test augmentation. i'm using test enanth now for 12 weeks. probably i'll do a cycle a year of that, and then i'd like to keep my level higher off cycle, as i'm an old **** and i'm sure it's fading.

    thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Yes, you need to remove the ester. No need for a kit. See instructions below.


  3. thanks bow! that's what bro's are for

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