Wet/Dry PH/PS effects on Tendons?

  1. Wet/Dry PH/PS effects on Tendons?

    Does a "wet" compound have any mitigating effect on tendon damage? During the last Havoc cycle I ran, I hurt my Biceps tendon, so I'm probably planning on taking a Cissus product along with any future cycles to help out here.

    But I'm wondering if it would not be needed with a "wet" compound or does the wet/dry not have anything to do with it?

    I guess to clarify a bit... Do "dry" compounds have a tendency to be more damaging to tendons?

  2. basically yes dry compounds give you no additional buffer, and with fast increases of strength you are more likely to injure tendons. wet compounds protect against that somewhat. Its still more a question of training style though I think that really defines it. you should look into TUT training (time under tension) as it reduces the risk of tendon issues. Its not great for your ego, as you are forced to work with lighter weights, but it gives you an effective workout.

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