Help with 1-AD post cycle selection/Dosage

  1. Help with 1-AD post cycle selection/Dosage

    I am starting a cycle of 1-AD. This is my first bout with PH's and the cycle will be 4 weeks. I will be using the following dosages:

    week 1- 300 mg/day
    week 2- 400 mg/day
    week 3- 500 mg/day
    week 4- 500 mg/day

    My question is about how to structure my post-cycle- specifically. I am plannning on picking up 2 bottles of 6-OXO and using it in the following dosages:

    Week 1 600mg daily in two divided doses, morning and night
    Week 2 400mg daily
    Week 3 400mg daily
    Week 4 300mg daily

    Will this be sufficient along with increased calories and decreased training volume?

    OR should I add ZMA and some tribex or Fuzu? If I can avoid adding the ZMA and tribex/fuzu, it would be nice, but if they are necessary I will add them.


  2. ZMA and trib. are not necessary. 2 bottles of 6-OXO will do fine.

  3. Alright, thanks!

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