Expired M1T

  1. Expired M1T

    It's been kept in a cool dry place since I've gotten it. But it's definitley expired by this point. I know taking it expired wouldn't be dangerous; it would have only degraded and become less potent. I'm not planning on using it anytime soon, but does anyone think it's still worth keeping around?

    Also, on a side note, I left my M-Drol in my car for a few nights and it was freezing temperatures every night. Does anyone think that's going to cause any problems?

  2. funny Flick....we're using tamox for the same thing. I started a cycle of M1T about 3 weeks ago this Tuesday. I'll explain how its going:

    I bought the supp a week before the ban. So whenever that was , circa summer 05. It expired July of 07. I for the most part kept it in the dark, but it wasn't in cool conditions. I'm surprised I still have it actually, it made it through a couple trips to college and 2 new apartments.

    Anyway, the first couple days, yeah, it definitely was noticable. The mild lethargy, short temper, etc. All there. In the gym, I got some sick pumps the first week which I haven't really felt since to that level, but it can be magnified if you take a red bull or soemthing before it. Also, get on the treadmill for a 5-10 min fast walk and tha'tll help.

    My bench is up 45 lbs. My weight is up 8 true lbs. It fluctuated the 2nd week. at the end of the 1st week I was up 8, but gave back some of that to water. Now I think I'm hovering at a true 8 lbs. Which for me is fine, I am just interested in upping the weight on my exercises.

    Anyway, my bicep curls are up about 30 lbs, decline is up about 60, incline is up 60, leg presses shot up 3 plates...so long story short, the stuff still works. Got slight back acne going on right now.

    So now the question is, can I keep the gains, and hopefully the tamox will help with that. I'm going to bridge the last week with 10mg/day tamox while on 15mg/day M1T.

    Btw my dosing went like this..

    first 4 days- 5mg/day
    up til now since then- 10mg/day 5 morning, 5mg 2hrs before trainng.

    Last week will be 15 mg. So thats coming up soon

    Hope this helped and feel free to PM me with questions...good luck

  3. I forgot to mention. I don't know if this is your first cycle, or just wondering about whether it'll still work. Obviously it does, but it doesn't show as much on your physical composition as it will when you're breaking the bar on the bench because youre stacking more weight on it. I mean don't get me wrong, I got a few compliments that my shoulders and upper body are definitely wider, but I wouldn't go and say that it's huge, I just look a lot more full, kind of like a body of mass that now I have enough to work with, and it's time to start sculpting it.

    I'm going to continue to bulk without M1T after the cycle until Mid-March maybe April and switch over to cutting.

    If this stuff was still legal, yeah I'd buy another bottle for $10, it was probably the best deal ever in bodybuildinghistory. Would I go and drop $50-100 on it now? Nah, not IMO. Hope I didn't discourage you. It definitely works

    Good luck!

  4. wish i had some right now... i loved m1test

  5. share a quick recap of your cycle observation? how did it affect your composition ? my balls haven't shrunk by the way and this is something I couldn't be happier about, still have libido too. this made me think maybe the stuff lost some of it's edge, but whatever over all I'm still makign great gains. Would like to hear yours

  6. Thanks for the info Bronco. I have 130 pills of M1T I plan to take soon to boost my workout again. (Been off for 2 years).


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