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  1. VPX / Dazed / Meso

    I have been using dazed stuff for 2 weeks (all good btw), but ran out of 4AD. I had been given a bottle of the VPX 4AD, and thought to myself how bad can it be? Well, 2 ml went into the delt nice and smooth, no pain or anything. Then about 2 hours later my delt was more sore than it has ever been. Even now (next day) it hurts like hell. The other delt has dazed's 4AD in it and there is only mild tenderness (and I do mean mild). The good news (I suppose) is that the swelling caused by the VPX is impressive, but thats about it. I will not be using it again as it even made sleep diffiult. I will be trying the Meso 4AD later this week and will let you know how is goes.


    EDIT: I thought I would re-iterate a little later in the day how freaking sore my delts is. Hurts when I look at it - never again with the VPX.
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  2. Today I injected 2 ml of the Meso 4AD (along with my normal 3 ml of dazed 1-test in the glute). The Meso went in fine and so far no soreness. I will let you guys know how it goes.


  3. I wouldn't recommend anyone injecting VPX. I bought the 1-Test Cyp, and it was an off white milky looking substance with crystals.

    By the way, who has the Meso now?

  4. The VPX hurt like hell - for several days. But like I said it did swell up my delt quite nicely - but not being able to move it was a definate downside.

    Meso went in fine, and so far no residual soreness at all. Even dazed's 4AD caused some sorenes. I should have no reason to doubt the quality / dosage of the Meso stuff right? Should I be sore?

    I think legalgear or powernutrition has it (one of them at least) but I got mine from another board member.
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  5. Do not worry about the Meso quality or concentration...it's good stuff


  6. Power Nutrition's site says no product available for Meso Labs???

  7. Hurts when I look at it - never again with the VPX.
    I am sorry Bro I burst out laughing when I read this I can simply picture it! (not at your pain but the remark that's funny!)


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