1-Test/4-AD powder or 1-AD/4-AD powder?

  1. 1-Test/4-AD powder or 1-AD/4-AD powder?

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to know which combo would be the better of the 2 to run for a cycle?

  2. Do you know the difference between 1-Test and 1-AD?
    Do you intend to run this transdermally or orally?

  3. Yes I know the difference between the 2 and I plan on running the 4-AD transdermal and either the 1-AD or 1-T oral.

  4. What kind of 1-Test do you have?

  5. 17-hydroxy-5alpha- androst-1-en-3-one

  6. Is it powder or ether gel caps?

  7. Well then.

    Maybe you are not aware of this but 1-AD is the precursor to 1-Test. 1-AD is and orally active prosteroid.

    1-Test is an active steroid. It has absolutely poor to zero oral availability, with maybe fairing a little better in ether gels.

    So 1-Test powder needs to be used in a transdermal.
    1-AD needs to be used orally.

  8. sounds good, im alittle rusty when it comes to the old school ****.

    based on what you say, I'm looking to then run 1-T and 4-AD transderm. I can pick up 2 bootle of the transderm matrix to mix them. I only question is how much to dose each bottle and how many sprays per application for both? should this also be run for 4-6 weeks?

  9. Looking for help with the correct dosage and time length to run the cycle?

  10. I wish I could legally buy some 1ad powder

  11. Anyone know the dosage and length of cycle time?

  12. It is not a one size fits all situation. There are many variables like experience, tolerance and goals to name a few.

    A good place to begin doing your own research to get better familiar with what others have done in the past is in the Transdermal Forum. This is where a lot of older stuff like that is archived and it is a very good place to to find those very compounds you are referring to.


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