Cardio during Test-E 500mg a week cycle!

  1. Cardio during Test-E 500mg a week cycle!

    I'm doing 500mg of Test-E a week for 12 weeks. I'm thinking of doing bike for 25 mins like 3 times a week to keep fat to a minimum, would this be ok during a bulking cycle? I'm on week 3 and already up around 11 lbs!

  2. Niiicccee 11lbs already thats great! I'm doing the same thing starting March its my 1st cycle I'll be putting cardio in my workouts just for overall health. But I guess you can keep at 15 min(just my opinion)

  3. of those 11 pounds maybe 3 are muscle mass... keep chuggin though, you should end up at least 20 pounds up by the end of the cycle if you keep your cals up

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