Epi Max side effects...

  1. Epi Max side effects...

    Already I'm getting a few pimples on my back and starting to get a bunch on my face. If you don't know what epimax is it is basically a clone of Epistane same ingredients.

    The first day I took it after about a few hours I started getting acne on my back and then the next day I started getting it on my face.

    I've had a sore throat, and my neck is a bit sore (Lymph nodes?) I don't know if it's because I'm allergic to something in the pills or what.

    My throat is no longer sore but I think it is a bit swollen I have some flem in there. I'm taking another 2 pills, and if my allergies start bothering me again I'm done with the product.

    I don't think I'm allergic to sulfur, I've had an allergy test but they never tested sulfur which is an ingredient in the product.

  2. acne is common with ph's and as far as the other symptomes you could just be sick or its allergies from something else. keep the epimax going for a little while longer. if symptoms get worse or are consistent then maybe have another allergy test done. so far i have not heard of anyone being allergic to epi but you could be one of the unlucky few

  3. What dosage are you running, I'm on day 13, 20mg for the first 7 days, bumped up to 30mg now. I havent seen any acne, which is usually a good sign of test increase, as is oily skin. I am stacking with 500mg a day of transdermal 4ad, but so far all I've seen is some increased hardness, and some thining out.

  4. 10mg my first day, 20 my 2nd day.

    My allergies are clearing up, I think it was due to a cold front that just came in. My skin is naturally very oily, the last time I had pimples on my back was during puberty which left scarring on my back.

    I'm gonna continue with it, my libido is down though.

  5. I don't think Epi would cause pimples the first day of administration. However its sulfur based, so maybe you're reacting to that.

  6. If I remember correctly, it's clearly written : "*Note* Epi-MAX is a sulfur based compound. Those who are allergic to sulfur should NOT take Epi-MAX."

    And If I remember correctly again, there is a link (not absolutly well known) between sulfur (or at least, people who is sensitive to it) and acne

    I don't think EPI MAX main compound (the one with anabolics effect) could give you phisiological side effect just few hours after first pills.


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