Help me design a recomp cycle

  1. Critique my recomp cycle

    K so i know i said i was going to be off for a year but i'll be running a cycle in about 2 months so that would mean i've been off for 6 months i belive, 6 months a year, same ****, lol.

    Soooooo, I currently have:

    25ml Tren E 200mg/ml
    40ml Masteron 125mg/ml
    20ml Test E 400mg/ml
    20ml Test E 250ml/ml

    I'll use Letrozole, cabergoline and life support during my cycle, and nolvadex, cabergoline and igf-1 in my post cycle therapy.

    My cycle history is:

    4 M1t Cycles 4 weekers 10,20,20,30
    1 1-test+4-ad 400mg 1-test/600mg 4-adtransdermal 8 weeks
    1 test E 10 weeks 700mg
    1 test prop+tren ace 8 weeks 150mg prop/75mg eod tren ace
    1 masteron+tren a 8 weeks 100mg eod mast/100mg eos tren ace
    1 tren e+epistane 10 weeks 400-600mg tren E/ 80mg epistane

    I've also used T3+clen numerous times.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm thinking:

    Weeks 1-12 600mg Test E
    Weeks 13-20 750mg Test E
    Weeks 1-10 400mg Tren E
    Weeks 1-10 125mg Masteron eod

    .5mg cabergoline and 0.25mg letrozole eod-ed.
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